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Sanitizing Surfaces




Modern Mums Physiotherapy

is committed to protecting the health of its patients and staff particularly with regard to Covid 19.


At Modern Mums Physiotherapy our protocols are directly influenced by the instructions given by  Public Health England (PHE). We have not received any new instructions from PHE to change our protocols. We will therefore follow all Governance Guidance for Working in a Healthcare setting and will continue with our current policy and procedures.


As part of the risk assessment for providing face to face physiotherapy we must ask you to complete a Covid 19 Risk Assessment Form prior to your appointment. 

An alternate Virtual Assessment can be provided or rebooking of face to face appointment.

How we are keeping patients & staff safe during the Covid 19 situation?

In accordance with current COVID-19 information and advice, Modern Mums Physiotherapy are taking the following measures to protect all those visiting the clinic:-

  • Screening all patients at the point of booking a face to face appointment

  • Screening all patients, staff and visitors upon arrival into the clinic

  • Providing all visitors access to alcohol-based hand sanitiser upon entry and exit

  • Increasing the frequency and thoroughness of cleaning around the building

  • Reminding all visitors of the importance of personal hygiene and best practices, such as regular handwashing.

What can you do to help?

By working together, we can eliminate the spread of the virus within the clinic. All patients are encouraged to:-

  • Kindly not come into the clinic if you have any flu-like symptoms such as a persistent cough, shortness of breath, high temperature and/or fever

  • Please try and avoid bringing visitors / family members to your appointment, unless necessary, in order to reduce the volume of visitors entering the clinic

  • Keep your hands clean, wash regularly and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water

Visiting Modern Mums Physiotherapy at Sherwood Wellness

Modern Mums Physiotherapy is open for face to face treatments.

 However, all patients must be triaged to ensure that they meet the criteria for treatment in the clinic in accordance with Public Health England guidelines. For those who don’t, we are also continuing to do virtual appointments’.

We’re reassuring all patients that the correct protocol is in place and that the health and safety of visitors is our main priority. .

We ask anyone who is concerned they have encountered the virus to follow the Government advice and self-isolate immediately. The latest Government advice is available here:

For more Information on our Covid 19 Policies/Screening

Please contact us

Updated July 2021

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