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Prenatal Workout

This service is available for pregnant women who have a specific pregnancy concern and require an assessment by a specialist Women's Health Physiotherapist.


1 Hour Antenatal Assessment

If you are struggling with pregnancy symptoms such as pelvic pain, low back pain or you simply want guidance with exercise/physical activity this in depth assessment will focus on your individual symptoms/goals.

The Antenatal Pelvic Health Assessment includes an in-depth assessment of the pelvic girdle- including core, back and pelvis muscles to determine reasons for any pains/aches you are experiencing.

A treatment program with advice, exercises and further management will be created for you based on your assessment findings.

Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Pregnancy MOT

The Pregnancy MOT is a 75 minute comprehensive Assessment and includes-

Assessment of your posture and joints

An external vaginal assessment of your pelvic floor muscles, including guidance on how to correctly contract and relax them

Assessment and treatment of any hip, pelvic, coccyx or back pain

Advice on labour, and help preparing your pelvic floor and pelvis for delivery

Perineal massage advice

Advice on how to exercise safely during pregnancy and how to minimise tummy separation

A chance to discuss any concerns you may have


It is recommended that women have an initial assessment after their 20 Week Scan


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